Total distance as of 10/06/2014: 2,239 miles.

         Hungry Child

It steals your heart and shapes your dreams
it makes you weak as your stomach screams
your hunger drives you so you must follow
you find some scraps but its hard to swallow
homeless and hungry its a heavy load
when you're just a child out on the road
The choices you make just to survive
another day passes but your barely alive
when you learn so young how to steal to eat
all the pain follows as you lie and cheat
The law prevails and they put you away
why don't they care I needed to eat today
if the streets don't kill you, you end up in prison
looking back on my life I made a decision
to help the children and show them I care
to put food in their bellies and wipe the tears
to give them a chance at a life filled with wonder
to give them some love and get them out from under
as I walk each mile I hope and pray
that I can make a difference
that I can find a way
to stop the suffering and constant fear
when you're always hungry and theirs no one there
lets give the children a chance to grow
so lets love one another
as the lord has shown

-- Brett Batholomew

970 WFLA Interview